April 16, 2018

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy! Between extra hours at work and exhaustion taking the best of me, my days off were spent trying to recover from how stress took me over and how drained my brain was. And because when it rains, it pours, I had as well some internet issues that forced me to change the internet provider. Let’s just believe that the cosmos did not want me to be connected to the online world for the past few weeks. First world problem, right?! Well, the online issue came just on time to realise I was dealing with a lot and it was time for a break somehow.

Being offline was not the kind of break I was looking for,  as it is such a joy to write and share some of my adventures, thoughts and discoveries here with you. Nevertheless, Easter was coming and together with it the bank holidays and so I took a break!

I didn’t book any holidays as Easter puts 2 lovely bank holidays together with the weekend and that was about enough time to go somewhere outside the rushy city of London.

I have to be honest, I have been in the UK for 2 years and I have not travelled around the country much so myself and my soul mate decided to choose Scotland for these days. Four days and Scotland, here we go!

We flew on Thursday after work, in an evening flight to Glasgow. Flights to Glasgow were cheaper than flying to Edinburgh, and it’s a good way to put the city on your check list.

We greeted the city with dinner and the first famous Scottish whisky impressions. In bars we made friends and very warmly we were welcomed.

Glasgow is the third largest city in the UK and has 2 airports. The tube is quite easy to use as you have only the inner and outer circle, each in different directions, both stopping in all stations and £1,65 single ticket. Boys weren’t be boys if they wouldn’t go to a stadium and there it’s where the tube took my boyfriend.

As you walk around, the city shows its simplicity but also its industrial look. The grey and cold weather did not help much to catch the essence of this city either, I have to say. Sorry Glasgow, I loved your locals though.


The trip continued towards Inverness. To get to our second destination, we rented a car and drove through A9. It’s more than 3h drive (don’t believe in what maps say as the maximum speed is 70 miles per hour and we also had a good amount of traffic) and the truth is: no one drives from one point to the other without enjoying the journey in between. We stopped in Perth, a small and lovely town, just for a walk around and to shut our hungry bellies.

somewhere in the middle of A9


After a stroll, a roast and a few more hours in the car we finally arrived to enjoy the sunny Inverness and its beautiful sunset. Just about time, I thought while being kissed by the sunbeams on the top of a hill where the castle is. We walked along the river Ness and waited for the sun to depart. The rest of the city needed to wait for the day after to come to be explored!

Sunday morning took us to a lovely and delicious breakfast at Coffee Affair, made us fall in love again with Inverness and discover the Urquhart Castle, which for £9 I completely recommend.

The castle is not big, so it’s easy to explore and you can only get closer to the river or even the castle itself, if you pay for the entrance.

We believe we saw Nessie, taking a sunbath around, but unfortunately we couldn’t join him, as we had to continue our journey to Edinburgh, our last destination before returning the car back at Glasgow Airport.

On the way to Edinburgh, we took A82/A86/A9 and M90 and were cheered with beautiful mountains (still with snow) and breathless landscapes. It was inevitable not to stop a couple of times -Loch Lochi is a must!

Loch Lochi

Loch Lochi

Edinburgh was just freezing cold and the snow came with it (yes, we got all sorts of weather). It is such a stunning place where the majestic castle overlooks the city with its medieval look. We visited the castle and, if bought online, the ticket is £17 or £18.5 on site (try to avoid long hours on the queue) and you can easily do it in a couple of hours or even less.

The best way for me to explore a city is actually to walk through it and whenever I have a chance, I like to do free walking tours. For a free walking tour I recommend Sandeman’s. It’s not in every city unfortunately that you will find this company’s tours but they are already in 19 different destinations! Your guides are either History students or just truly enthusiasts about the city itself with a lot of knowledge to share. The tours can take around 2,5h/3h depending on the size of the city or landmarks to see, so comfortable shoes are required. This one is two and a half hours and covers Edinburgh Castle, St Giles’ Cathedral, National Museum, Heart of Midlothian, William Wallace and the Stone of Destiny, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s Old Town and much more.

You have to visit Edinburgh. As for us, we can’t wait to be back, perhaps in a warmer day!



(For some reason I’m not able to add some photos today, but I’ll this post as soon as I can with all the beauties that I’ve seen and some extra info about it in the description.)


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  1. Vincenzo Marignoli says:

    Another great piece to read!! Congratulations

    Everywhere you go you make me imagine and want to go there as you describe places as if they are so unique e beautiful
    Keep going and keep up the good work

  2. Sofia says:

    I’ll be waiting for more, very interessing!

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