Lisboa, girl and woman

September 16, 2018

Born and raised in Lisbon, I’m a truly Lisbon citizen. With pride, I fill my chest like a vain peacock whenever they ask me where I am from.

When I return to Lisbon, the city greets me saying, “Welcome home.” The sun kisses my face and the sky awaits me anxiously. The sky is the bluest of colors I’ve ever seen, blending in with the Atlantic ocean and making us lose ourselves in its immensity.

Commerce Square @beatrixmuguet

Lisbon is cool; has a different light. Anyone who passes by falls in love with it, feels the good vibes and does not want to leave or thinks when the return will be.

My neighborhood does not lack soul. Back in the days, it used to be more characteristic and now has internationalized a little, but in a good Portuguese way, everyone is welcomed and there is space for all. The architecture remains and tram 28 also.

In my childhood memories I remember playing in the roundabout in front of my house, the view of the Tagus river from the balcony of the living room and the afternoon spent in the grocery store of Mrs Nascimento, eating the olives she was selling while waiting for my parents to pick me up.

Now, Mr. Gonçalves already knows that the coffee is normal, without sugar and accompanied by a glass of water; Filipe always knows the day of my arrival and awaits my tight embrace, while he jokes on how pale I am coming from Majesty’s lands; João and Bruno know that there is always room for a chicken pie at Mercearia while Luanda, my four-legged furry dog, rolls on the terrace.

I left Lisbon, but I did not abandon the city, and I always bring a little piece of it when I return to London. Lacking of opportunity for professional progression, I left my city not knowing when I will return. I still do not know yet, but Lisbon will always be with me, in my heart.


view from the top of Rua Augusta’s Arch @beatrixmuguet


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  1. Vincenzo Marignoli says:

    Nice piece of memories that embraces childhood and adult life together

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