Envelope Series

February 9, 2018

Let me introduce you to this beautiful project I came across with when trying to find some inspiration for my blog. The name is envelope series (#envelope_series) and was created by Anna Remarchuk, a Ukrainian Photographer based in Kiev who combines gorgeous sets of different and seasonal flowers with old envelopes she found from her great-grandfather. It gives you the feeling of a thoughtful moment, share of happiness, either you are giving or receiving such a pretty gift.

(c) Anna Remarchuk

In this envelope, you can find Muguet flowers, also known as Lilies-of-the-Valey. Muguet flowers are the symbol of happiness (porte-bonheur). As a tradition in France, on the 1st of May, this flower is offered to the ones loved and bringing the sunny warm days over winter.

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Love, B

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