Aubergine base Pizzas

February 4, 2018

Our first Sunday of many more with Healthy tips has just arrived! Wohoo!

This year, one of my resolutions was to drop some numbers in the scale, starting by what I eat daily. I started a protein-based diet and have been exploring new ways of feeling healthier and eat better. Creativity was called to action here!

One of my favourite dishes (and I know you will support me on this one) it’s Pizza. I could eat Pizza every-single-week. Pizza is my valentine mates! Ok, actually my boyfriend is Italian, but how could I do this if I’m not allowed to eat carbs in this first stage of my diet?

Well, here is what I came up with:

Pizza with Aubergine “dough”

Ingredients (if you are cooking for 2. For 4 or more, I’ll give you an idea of the quantities straight after):

You will need:


Start by cutting the baking paper and covering the top of the trays. Slice the aubergine, not larger than 1cm high and spread all over the trays. Two aubergines should cover 2 trays, but obviously it depends on the size of your ovens. That will be the base of your pizzas.

Then, drop the tomato can inside the measuring jug and add a bit of olive oil (not more than 1cl), pinch of salt and about 5/6 basil leafs previously washed and mix everything with the hand blender until you obtain a consistent texture. The measuring jug will help you to drop this mix on top of the aubergines.


Now comes the part where you can be creative and put on top of your pizzas whatever you like. I’ve tried tuna and rucola, others with mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella and rucola, but feel free to try other things. Please do not forget the oregano on top of every single pizza, as this is essential. For the ones with cheese, you might need to give a pre-cook to the aubergine before putting the ingredients on top, as the cheese melts faster than the aubergine cooks.

Another thing is, if you are cooking for more than 2 people, you will need to do several trays, which means: while one is cooking, the other one is being prepared. When I’m cooking for 4 people, I usually use 4/5 aubergines, if they are not huge, and 2 tomato cans. All the rest will depend on the ingredients you use on top and how many pizzas you want with that flavour. You may want to put different pizzas in the same tray, to have a bigger variety once they get out out the oven.

I cook them about 30/40mins in 160º and fan on.


Try, it’s delicious. Let me know how it goes and what other flavours you have done.

Love, B

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