February 28, 2018

Did you ever find yourselves observing people? Imagining what is going through their minds, where are they heading to and how is their life like? Between work and home, on my daily journey or even while waiting for a flight at the airport, I have found myself doing that. No specific reason for that to happened. I guess I’m just someone who not only likes observing people’s behavior and have attention to detail, as I also have the human side of worrying by nature with others.

Every time I find myself in the departures section of the airport, it is inevitable not to feel all the atmosphere and emotions around. As the definition says, to depart is to leave, to go away, to deviate and exactly like the definition, it is rare to find someone that is not nostalgic, even the ones led by the excitement of a new chapter and adventure.

By now, I must have lost the count of flights I’ve taken, but never the moments where I said goodbye. I think that might be the reason why I always feel a certain anxiety for crossing over that moment and be straight into the air, diving the enormous sea of clouds and taste the freshness of a vast blue sky. In fact, I hate goodbyes. The idea of saying that word and never see that person or place ever again. It always feels better a “see you later” and ignore that uncomfortable sensation.

Last week, life has frightened myself and my family and created the idea that we might need to be in the departures section.  Fortunately the flight was delayed.

Enjoy the little moments of life and the ones who surround you as much as you can.

(Some of you might be wondering what happened in the last two weeks, since I usually have something for you on Fridays and Sundays. Well, here is why.)




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2 responses to “Airports”

  1. Vincenzo Marignoli says:

    Another great piece from this old fashioned lady who always makes us travel far with her stories

  2. Sofia Martins says:

    Very interesting

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