I’m Beatrix, a twenty-something Portuguese girl, originally from Lisbon, based in London.

I’ve always remembered myself as a curious person, thirsty for more knowledge and the will of discovering the whole world. That’s what actually led me to work in Hospitality.

I’m a Full-time Hotelier since I graduated in Hotel Management back in 2011 and I have worked in the most diverse Tourism industries since then. From events to hostels, from cruises to luxurious hotels, I’ve done it all. Just planes are missing on the list, but I decided to leave that field for my personal travels.

I moved to London, after my last working-travel experience in river cruises where I explored Europe in its full length, from Romania to the Netherlands. I felt it was time to pursuit a more stable life, so here I am, in London for nearly 3 years.

The pursuit of a more stable life turned sooner than later into seeking for a more sustainable life. It is impressive the amount of waste we generate on a daily basis and the amount of plastic that surrounds us. I’m far away from living a “full” zero-waste life, but I’m trying my best to leave a green footprint on our planet, because there’s no planet B.

Combining my writing skills, travels and the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, I can’t wait to share my guilty pleasures with you.

Love, B


Now some funny facts about me:

Hi! I’m Beatrix, a twenty something travel enthusiast worried about living a more sustainable life. Do you want to leave a greener footprint on Earth while looking for your next destination? I think I can help! Stay close



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  • #tbt to this summer and a swim in the lake! How nice and clean Switzerland is! Always bring your swimwear when going to Geneva. You won’t regret!
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  • Flowers are the best decoration of all 🌸🌼
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