September 16, 2018

Lisboa, girl and woman

Born and raised in Lisbon, I’m a truly Lisbon citizen. With pride, I fill my chest like a vain peacock whenever they ask me where I am from. When I return to Lisbon, the city greets me saying, “Welcome home.” The sun kisses my face and the sky awaits me anxiously. The sky is the bluest of colors I’ve ever seen, blending in with the…

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May 1, 2018

1st of May

Today is the 1st of May, Labours day and a day full of traditions. In France, this day carries the tradition of offering to the beloved ones a bouquet of muguets (known in the UK lily of the valley) which symbolises good luck. The tradition comes from the medieval times but became official when on the 1st of May 1561, King Charles IX received a…

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April 29, 2018

Apps that are doing it right!

Today we have a serious topic to talk about: Sustainability! And because Earth Day is every day, it is time to do more for our Planet. There is no Plan B, there is no Planet B. There so many different things we can do to minimize our footprint on Earth and turn around the situation we are leading into. It is important that you re-think…

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April 16, 2018


The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy! Between extra hours at work and exhaustion taking the best of me, my days off were spent trying to recover from how stress took me over and how drained my brain was. And because when it rains, it pours, I had as well some internet issues that forced me to change the internet provider. Let’s just believe that the…

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February 28, 2018


Did you ever find yourselves observing people? Imagining what is going through their minds, where are they heading to and how is their life like? Between work and home, on my daily journey or even while waiting for a flight at the airport, I have found myself doing that. No specific reason for that to happened. I guess I’m just someone who not only likes observing people’s…

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Hi! I’m Beatrix, a twenty something travel enthusiast worried about living a more sustainable life. Do you want to leave a greener footprint on Earth while looking for your next destination? I think I can help! Stay close



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  • #tbt to this summer and a swim in the lake! How nice and clean Switzerland is! Always bring your swimwear when going to Geneva. You won’t regret!
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  • Flowers are the best decoration of all 🌸🌼
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